Prices can change and large quantity pricing is available.  Please use the prices shown as a guideline and call first if exact pricing is important, particularly on future projects.

As a rule of thumb, 1 cubic yard of 1" rock weighs approximately 1 ton. Other products vary as to weight per cu. yd. due to density. 

Call for help estimating the weight of product (and therefore the cost) for a given area and depth.


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Other crushed rock and related materials:

1" Roadbase $8.50 per ton
3" granular barrow $7.50 per ton
  • Contains soil. Used for building up road beds and low areas of a building site, and for backfill.
Pitrun $5.00 per ton
  • This is raw material excavated from the pit. Not processed in any way.  Good for when lots of inexpensive fill material is needed.
5/8" minus $2.50 per ton
  • Also known as 'fines'. Good for bedding of gas, water and power lines and use as fill material.
Sand $7.25 per ton
  • Same uses as 'fines' but much finer and a little more expensive.
Crushed asphalt $11.00 per ton
  • We often have asphalt from road resurfacing projects that we crush down to a consistent size. It's great for rural driveways and roads. Best when placed warm and then rolled.
6 to 8" screened cobble $25 per ton
8 to 12" screened cobble $25 per ton
6" screened cobble $25 per ton
Regular Fines $3.00 per ton
Screened Bedding Fines (SBF) $5.50 per ton
Washed sand and gravel - quoted on request

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