Prices can change and large quantity pricing is available.  Please use the prices shown as a guideline and call first if exact pricing is important, particularly on future projects.

As a rule of thumb, 1 cubic yard of 1" rock weighs approximately 1 ton. Other products vary as to weight per cu. yd. due to density. 

Call for help estimating the weight of product (and therefore the cost) for a given area and depth.

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Crandall Rock Products

Crandall's rock products are derived from the earth excavated from our pit, which is an attractive tan-to-reddish color.  We crush larger rocks to produce smaller ones that are then stockpiled by size from 3/4" to 3".  

Byproducts include sand, granular barrow and roadbase, the latter with excellent compaction characteristics. Click on Landscape Products or Construction Products to see current pricing.

Please note that all products are priced per English ton (2,000#), loaded at the pit. No adjustment to weight will be made due to moisture.

Minimum load charge $30 (pickups and small trailers)

Prices do not include sales tax of 6.05%. 



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